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La Petite Mulotte

La Petite Mulotte | Champagne Jean MichelFrom April 2016, the House has the pleasure to present the cuvée “La Petite Mulotte”

Quite sophisticated with woody aroma due to the partial oak cask wine-making process, this cuvée shows a golden velvet sparkling texture and citrus fruit nuances.

Hachette Wine Guide 2015: Champagne Jean MICHEL referenced

Hachette Wine Guide 20152 selected vintages:

Cuvée Spéciale 2006

“A blend of Chardonnay (50%) and Meunier (50%). 80% vinified in tanks and 20% in barrels without malolactic fermentation, this vintage Champagne presents a bright dress and pleasant discreet nose, shaded hazelnut. The palate is balanced and lively.”

White Meunier 2008 vintage

“A wine with a typical expression of grape: open and fruity nose (white peach, plum …), a round mouth with good acidity. Right dosage. “

New Cuvée: CEP Extra Brut

CEP Extra BrutThis “green” Cuvée comes from grapes whose vines have grown completely naturally without herbicides or chemical treatments. The only inputs used are allowed in organic farming, in accordance with the European Regulation No 834/2007.

Winemaking is also more natural, so no added sulfur (only additive allowed in oenology).
This wine allows more aromatic complexity and better wine digestibility.

Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE): an environmental certification

logo haute valeur environnementale (HVE)Champagne Jean MICHEL successfully obtained the certification of High Environmental Value (HVE) in 2014. By its engagement in the HVE certification, Champagne Jean MICHEL wants to preserve the environment by arguing its practices on the exploitation.

HVE is an environmental certification outcome of the Ministère de l’Agriculture. This is a formal process, regulated by law, and accessible to all establishment on a voluntary basis.

The awards

CAConcours Général Agricole de Paris (General Agricultural Competition in Paris) 2006: Gold Medal for the Carte Blanche Brut and Silver Medal for the Special 2000 Vintage

Competition in London, Brussels and Bordeaux 2006: Silver Medal for the Carte Blanche Brut

Concours Général Agricole de Paris (General Agricultural Competition in Paris) 2007: Gold Medal for the Special 2002 Vintage and for the Carte Blanche demi-sec

Concours Général Agricole de Paris (General Agricultural Competition in Paris) 2009: Gold Medal for the Special 2004 Vintage

Féminalise Competition 2009: Gold Medal for the 2004 White Chardonnay

Competition in Epernay of “Champagnes de la Propriété” 2010: Gold Medal for the Vintage Les Mulottes