Passion, Reason and Love, the best kind of heritage

Traditional 18th century cellars
Bottles remain in our cellars for a long period of maturation.

Established in 1847, and therefore with more than 170 years of viticultural tradition in Champagne, is this enough to produce a good champagne?

Heritage only becomes valuable if it is maintained, enriched, and sublimated before being passed on.
The heritage to which we refer is a skillful mix of passion, reason and love.

First there is the soil, this unique place where the vine blossoms, drawing its richness between the sky and the earth.
We help the vine grow by using appropriate work methods. Rather shortly trimmed, a carpet of grass in its roots, approved organic farming treatments being used on one section of the vineyard, integrated farming in order to control productivity, encourage a good root system and draw heavily from healthy resources to feed our grapes.

Our vineyard is rich in biodiversity.
From old vineyards more than 50 years old, to younger ones, with nine different vintages and the three traditional Champagne grape varieties, we have all of the ingredients to provide our wines with finesse, elegance and character.

Grape harvest
The grape harvest remains traditional, because the constraints of respect for grapes are the same that in the XVIIIth century.

Every grape harvest is a celebration that should be appreciated to its fullest. Because if our hearts rejoice, the spirits predict the quality of the harvest and make for the best wine production. Then every vintage, every grape variety is vinified separately in vats or in barrels made from oak from the Argonne forest.
They combine their subtle richness during preparation and preserve the style and uniqueness of each of our vintages.

Let’s now enter into the temple of our wines; a mysterious place which commands relaxation but also guarantees our wines the best environment for working their delicate flavour in a cool and constant temperature.
Our ancient cellars protect as much as preserve in order to give life, when the time comes, to a festival of flavours and bouquets.

But what would be the point of so much love for work well done if it were not shared?
We are a group of around ten people driven by the same passion and the will to offer you the best.
The doors to our House are wide open, and it would be our pleasure to introduce you to the marvels of each stage in the process, each area of the estate and each flavour created. And don’t forget to come back and see us, like some of our clients, which we have had for 30 years, like visiting a friend
who shares the same values.