A 170 year-old passion

Bottles slept on wooden slats in cellars to age several years
Entrayage is the following stage after the bottling which consists in sleeping bottles on wooden slats in cellars to age several years.

Since 1847, a passion for the vineyard has been passed down through generations in the MICHEL Family.

At the heart of the vineyards of the Champagne region, several kilometres from Epernay, in the commune of Moussy, spread the firm’s 12 hectares of vineyards, planted with Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. These three grape varieties make for distinct vintages, with a great diversity of unique flavours: from the Brut Sans Année (Non-Vintage Brut, or B.S.A), available as extra-brut, brut and demi-sec, to the Blanc de Meunier. There’s also the Blanc de Chardonnay and the vintage Cuvée Spéciale, not forgetting the Rosés and a vintage vinified in barrels.

The current EARL Champagne Jean MICHEL was born in 1991. Tasks are shared out on the estate: Olivier takes care of the vineyard and vinification, and Florence is in charge of welcoming clients, as well as shipping to France or abroad.

As a Grower and Handler (G.H.), Olivier MICHEL develops his vintages entirely on his own premises and produces wine exclusively from the harvest of his own vineyard.

60,000 bottles of Champagne Jean MICHEL are produced every year.
In our ‘Maison de Champagne’, each stage of the wine growing process is controlled very closely. Respecting the environment is one of our major concerns: practicing sustainable farming, eliminating insecticides, mechanical green covering and spudding, controlling fertilisers and soil conditioners by analysing the soil of each plot of land. The entire vineyard is exclusively treated with organic products.

The fermentation of our wines takes place in a thermoregulated fermentation room, and our bottled vintages are placed in our 19th-century traditional vaulted wine cellars where they are stabilised and enriched.

Our wines are regularly recommended by numerous expert guides : Hachette, Dussert-Gerber, Bettane et Desseauve, Gilbert et Gaillard, and le guide des meilleurs vins à petits prix (the guide to the best, modestly-priced wines), to name a few of the more well-known ones.

Moreover, our savoir faire regularly receives awards, our wines received gold medals in 2006, 2007 and 2009 in the Concours Général Agricole (General Agricultural Competition) in Paris. This ensures that you will be poured a flute of only the best flavours of a champagne created with love and passion.